Local Special Issues

Enhance the international visibility of Chinese research

Sponsor the publication of a special issue of a peer-reviewed Wiley journal and enable your community of decision makers to share their local research and developments with international audiences.

Publishing a special issue based on hot topics in your country will raise the visibility of local scientific and medical information to your global target audience. By supporting your key opinion leaders in their global publication, you will increase their opportunities for international collaboration and recognition, and build a foundation for a sustainable relationship.

For all China Special Issues, a rigorous editorial process guarantees quality of the publication. A Chinese editorial board, working with the international editorial team, evaluates submitted manuscripts and ensures all published articles have undergone rigorous peer-review.

Facilitate local networking of your key opinion leader community

Our editorial process includes high impact kick-off events and “call for papers”. Local editorial board meetings provide additional opportunities for national and international exchange.

Immediate access to highly-engaged readers

Reach out to the international community by publishing in the most influential medical and scientific journals through a Special Issue in English.

Raise the profile of your key opinion leaders globally

Support your key opinion leaders and rising stars in their endeavors for publication in an international journal.

Align your brand with publishing expertise

Wiley’s publishing expertise underpins the process including a full-service offering that includes the coordination of the entire editorial and publication process, and professional journal editing, translation and figures preparation services.

Contact us to find out how our Local Special Issues could help raise the profile of your audience to the international community.