Guideline Apps


Decision-making tools at your fingertips

Smartphones and tablets are radically changing how – and where – professionals are accessing the information they need to perform their roles. While good hardware is important, it’s the quality of the apps you run that brings benefits both in information accuracy and time saved.

Wiley guideline apps are designed for use in diverse environments, adding value by delivering even complex content – such as tables – in a practical, easy-to-navigate format at point of use. Our apps represent a powerful, contemporary sponsorship opportunity, yet retain the editorial independence and credibility that sets Wiley apart.

All guideline apps offer the following core functionality:

  • Multi-platform: iOS and others (if required)
  • Sponsor logo / branding applied throughout
  • Usage data (through Google Analytics)
  • User verification against a database (to restrict access)
  • Native, searchable text
  • Text resizing
  • Bookmarking
  • History
  • Personal Notes annotation (text and picture)
  • Links to published, open access, full text guidelines
  • Links to external websites
  • User feedback

Options include:

  • News feed and video
  • Flow charts and diagnostics

Contact us to find out how guideline apps could help engage target audiences and drive your brand marketing strategy.