Wiley Content Feeds


Aligning content through a quick and automated solution

Leverage the credibility of Wiley’s peer-reviewed content to increase engagement and interest in your product.

Wiley Content Feeds provide tailored feeds of Wiley Online Library journal articles to your customers. These feeds are made available to your readership on any platform of your choice.
A choice of offerings to suit your needs

With Wiley Content Feeds, clients receive XML sets of meta-data and links to the full-text articles on Wiley Online Library. These articles can then be delivered directly via two offerings:

1) Journal Content Feeds: a feed made up of all articles published within pre-defined journal titles.

2) Article Content Feeds: articles are curated from within Wiley Online Library either by client selection or through a more tailored approach where they are curated by Wiley subject matter experts.
Engage target audiences through the following product features:

  • Create links to articles on Wiley Online Library from journal table of contents
  • Create links to curated articles from across all articles on WOL
  • Manually review feeds by moderating or suggesting articles for inclusion
  • Place feeds on any client platform due to the flexibility of XML formats
  • Wiley can assist with the transformation of XML into HTML on your site
  • Content Feeds can generate usage reports

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