Wiley's Journal App Service

Creative advertising ensuring high visibility of your brand

Mobile-enabled content

Wiley’s Journal App service displays world-class, recently published Wiley content on mobile devices. With the new and appealing format, Wiley Online Library users are able to enjoy the benefits of HTML through a focused article view that is clear and free from distraction — whilst also maintaining the look and feel of print.

With over 113,000 registered users, 25,000 monthly downloads, and an average 11 minutes spent each session, Journal App Service advertisers will also enjoy the same level of reach across Wiley Online Library journals.

Easily accessible information

Wiley’s Journal App Service has dominated Apple Newsstand, with 39 out of the top 100 titles in the Science Categories. Leverage such exposure and maintain presence with your customers through this easily accessible platform.  Journal Apps can be downloaded from the Apple Newsstand or via iTunes as part of a journal subscription or society affiliation.

Hundreds of Wiley titles on Apple Newsstand and iTunes are available and coming soon to Google Android.

Interstitial Ads — the winning ad platform

Take advantage of innovative advertising opportunities by placing your high visibility interstitial advert within one of our relevant Journal Apps.  With your full-page static or interactive interstitial, you are able to captivate your audience’s attention while maintaining presence and visibility.
Interstitial adverts support rich media advertising through the following opportunities:

  • Streaming video demos
  • Multi-page mini-sites
  • Animations
  • 360° product visualizations
  • ‘Add an event’ to user’s calendar
  • Feedback forms
  • GPS location-aware
  • Touch interactions
  • Send a message
  • Call a phone number
  • Embed a video
  • Embed an audio
  • Whitepaper delivery
  • Save a picture
  • Resize, move, hide or expand a creative
  • And more…


Contact us to find out how Wiley’s Journal App Service can utilize creativity to broadly and frequently reach targeted key experts.