Local Editions


Facilitate access to global research for your local community

Sponsor a local edition of a peer-reviewed Wiley journal for your market, in either English or as a translation, and enable your community of decision makers to explore global research and developments from a local perspective.

For all local editions, a rigorous editorial process guarantees editorial quality. A local editorial board, working with the international editorial team, selects journal articles and reviews translations of articles to the local language.


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Reach out to your local community

Engage your local audience and key opinion leaders through our editorial program that brings the latest research to your market in a language that works for your market.

Facilitate global exchange of up-to-date research findings.

Make research accessible to your local audience with translated articles hand-picked by a local editorial board.

Align your brand with thought leadership

Sponsorship opportunities increase your brand visibility with the latest research in the therapy area of your choice.

Contact us to find out how Local Editions could enable the advancement of your targeted community.