Case study: Microsite


At a glance

  • Case study: centralized hub for blood transfusion content
  • 181,286 visits and 73,385 unique visitors in 2016
  • Over 7,860 unique visitors on average each month
  • Reach extends to 180 countries
  • Banner ads delivering on average 37,144 impressions each month
  • Site live since July 2012


Our client, a diagnostics company that makes products and equipment for blood testing, identified that there was not a centralized hub where physicians and other professionals could access transfusion medicine-related news and information.

This gap in the market motivated our client to explore a microsite featuring news aimed at professionals in the field and an interactive “Question of the Day.”


Wiley’s microsite service offered the client the opportunity to partner with the world’s leading publisher in transfusion medicine to create an objective educational resource that set them apart from their competitors.

A tailored marketing strategy based on print and online ads in leading Wiley transfusion and hematology journals – supported by targeted email – then gave the site a worldwide audience.


The microsite attracted over 181,286 visits by 76,385 unique visitors in 2016. And over 7,860 unique visitors on average are engaging with the site each month.

The strategy to build global reach has proved effective, with users accessing the site from 180 countries with the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, India and China being the Top 5.

The site’s success is due to an engaging mix interactive media content with banner ads delivering on average 37,144 impressions each month.

Supporting this microsite has raised the client’s profile in the community as they are now seen as supporting a valuable educational resource.

Feedback from Readers

“The quick updates are the best – no time to read anything lengthy” – Medical Technologist, USA

“I have learned so much and have been able to use the information I learned here to better my practice. Thank you.” – Blood Bank / Lab Director, USA

“I do a lot of training of new employees and always pass on your website to them. “ – Medical Technologist, Canada


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