Case study: Microsite


At a glance

  • Case study: centralized hub for blood transfusion content
  • Site live since July 2012
  • 60,000 visits and 36,000 unique visitors since launch
  • 1,000 new visitors each month
  • Reach extends to 120 countries
  • Banner ads delivering 100,000 impressions each month


Our client, a blood transfusion specialist, spotted that there was no centralized hub where physicians and other professionals could access transfusion-related content.

This gap in the market motivated our client to explore a low-cost microsite for raising its profile by serving up news, subject-related meetings information, conference summaries and journal articles.


Wiley’s microsite service offered the client the opportunity to include a range of multimedia platforms for professionals – along with flexibility. The microsite now aggregates video content from production companies and articles from leading journals, offering physicians engaging content that extends the possibilities beyond what a webinar can traditionally deliver.

A tailored marketing strategy based on print ads in leading Wiley transfusion and hematology journals – supported by targeted email – then gave the site a worldwide focus.


The microsite has attracted over 60,000 visits by 36,000 unique visitors since launch in July 2012. And new visitors are engaging with the site at a rate of 1,000 each month.

The strategy to build global reach has proved effective, with users accessing the site from 120 countries. Traffic includes 60% from outside the US, plus new participants from Spain, Canada, Australia, UK, Germany and India.

The site’s success is down to an engaging mix of video and interactive media content, with video averaging 1,700 views each month and banner ads delivering 100,000 impressions a month.

Latest additions to the site include ‘archive’ and ‘related-article’ features plus other enhancements.

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